Mery-Melrose has obtained the Ecocert license, which attests  their commitment to respect the organic farming method of

production.  Mery Melrose VS and VSOP cognacs are NOP certified / USA).






Cognac Grande Fine Champagne AOC 40% Alc./Vol.


A unique blend for those great moments of conviviality, either served neat, over ice, as a long drink or as a cocktail.  A blend of cognacs in their first stage of development is selected by the cellar master, Francois Mery, these have been distilled with the lees and aged in new and old Limousin oak barrels to preserve the balance between the fragrances of the cognac and the nuances of the wood.


Cognac Grande Fine Champagne AOC 40% Alc./Vol.


A blend of cognacs in the tradition Grande Fine Champagne.  These cognacs are a blend of distilled wine with their lees, aged at least five years in our cellars in oak barrels from the Limousin.  They are then blended by the cellar master, Francois Mery, after special selection of the best reserves, to reproduce year after year the unique style of Mery Melrose Organic VSOP.  Dark amber colour.  Subtle aromas of sun dried orange peel, with notes of butterscotch.  A hint of vanilla. A silky texture, round and supple in the mouth.  A balanced and delicate finish.

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