Cognac Mery XO, intense and authentic.  It takes more than twelve years of ageing before cognacs of the Grande Champagne cru begin to express their finesse and elegance; the development of intensity and length are incomparable.

In order to create his blend of the XO, Francois Mery uses only cognacs selected after distillation for their ability to age for a long period.  Year after year they are tasted to ensure they are moving towards maturity and have good traditional aromas typical of Cognac Mery.


It is the combination of the unique characteristics of these many vintages, aged in the family cellars that gives Cognac Mery XO such a distinctive evocation of Grande Champagne.


Colour of autumn leaves, golden amber with copper highlights.


Fruity aromas of ripe figs and prunes with vanilla notes.  Heady floral overtones reminiscent of the bouquet of irises.


Powerful attack on the palate followed by a roundness and flexibility with a finish that is long, fine and elegant.

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