The history of Maison Méry, dates back to 1851 when the estate was founded in L’Ebaupin, a small hamlet in the commune of Salles d’Angles. Its vineyards were planted with grape varieties Folle Blanche & Colombard, and a Charentais-style family home, distillery and cellars were built.


In 1946 Edouard Méry moved to Salles d’Angles and purchased this current property with his wife, Genevieve. It is from this beautiful estate that the Méry family continue to grow grapes, distill and age cognacs, using knowledge gained from over a century of cognac making.


François Méry, took over the reins of the business from his father, Jean-Paul, in 2003. His ambition ; to use his expertise to make the finest cognacs from this exclusive terroir and to export them worldwide.


His concept is founded on three principles :


  • The quality of the grapes, his family vineyards are established in the most prestigious cru of the region, Grande Champagne.

  • His «savoir-faire»; his supreme knowledge of the craft of distilling and blending cognacs, knowledge passed on from generations of Méry cognac makers.

  • His love and respect for the environment, family history and their tradition.




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