François Mery at his family’s distillery, a custom made « Mareste » copper still, with a capacity of 20 hl, made in 1967. The « chapiteau » is designed in a bulb shape which assists when distilling wine with its « lies », typical of the cognacs produced from the Grande Champagne cru as it retains the superior alcohol and « gras » in the vapors. This means that it is only the very light and floral vapors who pass through the swan’s neck to the cooler.  According to the law of cognac making, the still can only run from after the harvest until the 31st of March the following year. Mery Melrose organic cognacs are crafted using only this still, which means they can produce over 150,000 bottles of single estate cognac annually.


Ageing:  It is in the darkness of the cellars, immune to variations of temperature, that the cognac begins the slow process of ageing that will give a beautiful golden color, fine and delicate aromas and flavours that will delight the palate.


Blending:  This is the most difficult task in the making of cognac.  As an artist selects his paints, Francois will choose cognacs which have reached the necessary maturity and can be blended with many other cognacs, to reproduce each year the quality and incomparable style of cognacs Mery.

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