Janis Melrose History:

"I arrived in France with a dream to have my own vineyard and make wine.  After training in Bordeaux at Château Beaumont, I achieved my diploma “viticulture and oenology” in 2006.  I transformed an old “chai” into a modern winery and have been making wine from grapes grown in my own vineyard, which is certified “organic”.  The vineyard comes from Jean-Noel Collin who retired and very kindly allowed me to take on part of his vineyard, he himself had been cultivating the vines organically since 1992". 


The wines are vinified by grape variety in small stainless steel vats, in a « chai », using modern equipment and traditional winemaking-techniques. The vinification is temperature controlled, natural yeast is selected to enhance the vinification and all of the wines are bottled at the Domaine. The consultant oenologist is Mikael Bruneteau of SBO, Bordeaux, he is a technical advisor, expert in tasting and endorses the wines from defining the optimal harvest date in the vineyard to recommending the final blend.



All of the wines produced are certified organic by Ecocert FR-BIO-01.

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